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Samira Machold

I am a somatic touch therapist, trauma-informed yoga teacher, and clinical herbalist in training.

I have completed the Somatic Experiencing® Training and specialize in interpersonal and generational trauma, nervous system regulation & trauma-informed spirituality.

On the quest for my own healing, I became a student and teacher of many different wisdom lineages. But it wasn’t until I found the missing piece of somatic trauma work and the Polyvagal Theory that I was finally able to fully make sense of my experiences, my feelings, and unwanted patterns. By learning the science behind trauma I was able to let go of judgment and meet myself with an ever-growing compassion.

Today, I walk beside women from all walks of life weaving together the wisdom of these lineages.

In my online practice, I  integrate somatic trauma and attachment work, the Safe and Sound Protocol, yoga therapy, herbal medicine, and healing rituals. I am dedicated to create a container that enables women to safely reconnect with the wisdom of their bodies, alchemize their trauma and get to the other side of pain –  free to discover who they really are when trauma no longer holds them back.

Samira Machold
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