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Welcome to Somatic Experiencing Montreal.

We now have limited spaces available to join the Montreal training from Beginning 2 onwards. If you would like to join this cohort, please email us


If you have any questions, follow the link below.

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Upcoming Trainings

Limited spaces are now available for the Beginning 2 module in Montreal. If you are interested in joining our cohort from the Beginning 2 module onward, please email us

Beginning Two: Thursday March 7 to Sunday March 10, 2024

Beginning Three: Saturday May 11 to Tuesday May 14, 2024

Intermediate One: Thursday October 10 to Sunday October, 2024

Intermediate Two: Thursday January 30 to Sunday February 2, 2025

Intermediate Three: Thursday May 22 to Sunday May 25, 2025


Somatic Experiencing® (SE) aims to resolve trauma by releasing the energies locked in the body.


A short-term, naturalistic approach to the resolution of trauma developed by Dr. Peter Levine, SE is based upon the observation that wild prey animals, though threatened routinely, are rarely traumatized.

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We recognize that Tiohtià: ke/Montreal, where Somatic Experiencing Montreal is located and operates, is built on unceded and unceded Kanien'kehà: ka and Anishinabeg territories.

We recognize the trauma inherent in colonialism and colonization and its direct impacts on individuals, communities and Indigenous lands.

We are committed to providing a training opportunity that values, uplifts and honors Indigenous voices, values ​​and expertise in the field of trauma healing.

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