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Rosaruby Glaberman

Rosaruby Glaberman, M.A., RDT, is a licensed psychotherapist, registered drama therapist, group facilitator, and a professional theatre artist with over 15 years of therapeutic work experience with groups and individuals.

She works in private practice with adults, has taught at Concordia University’s Drama Therapy Department, and facilitates specialized workshops and trainings.

Her culturally sensitive group work centers on the development of assertive communication, self-compassion, emotional intelligence and nervous system regulation; essential in maintaining emotional health, productivity and rich relationships.

Her therapeutic frame for working with individuals is humanistic, psychodynamic and body-oriented. She uses a combination of approaches and techniques including creative art therapy, mindfulness, talk therapy and somatic experiencing, specifically for treating trauma and other stress disorders.

She encourages people to become aware of their emotional body and the positive and negative roles they willingly or unwillingly play in their lives- so they can exercise more choice.

Rosaruby Glaberman
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