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Syd Apel

“Sustainability is the capacity to endure through renewal, maintenance, and sustenance, or nourishment, in contrast to durability, the capacity to endure through unchanging resistance to change.”

I am a licensed psychologist who has been practicing psychotherapy for over 15 years. I am trained in methods that lead to meaningful and sustainable change, using techniques and ideas taken from client-centered therapy, existential therapy, psychoanalytic therapy, and cognitive-behavioural therapy, trauma focused therapy, and mindfulness.

My main area of work has been treating adults and adolescents in individual psychotherapy. I have developed a unique, non-judgmental and very human approach. My combination of genuineness and knowledge allows me to provide a safe and containing place in which to explore and grow. I also have experience with families and couples. I have developed these skills in both my school-based and private practices, and have become keenly aware that the inclusion of the family and significant other is sometimes a very significant step on the road to well being.

To my work, I bring interest and expertise in issues related to adolescent and adult development, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, men's issues, and school adaptation.

I am a student of Somatic Experiencing, a powerful method used to treat both situational and developmental trauma and am keenly aware of the effects of trauma on all aspects of life.

I also have an interest in issues related to the environment, our relationship with the natural world and the effects on mental health of environmental threat.

Syd Apel
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